Our Services

Our solutions deliver different size options customized to your companies unique needs.


Whether you're filling ongoing positions, staffing for a specific project, or hiring for a specialized position, BraveView will create a strategic solution designed to fulfill your need.


Retained Search

Retained Search is the higher-end service in the range of recruitment models, and with that comes dedicated time and superior expertise in your industry.  Our retained search recruiters are true business and career partners with the executives they represent. We work closely with our candidates to understand your career objectives and what you are seeking in your next role. We also listen to all of the dynamics involved in the retained recruiting process, ensuring that everyone,from the hiring company’s top executives to the head of HR, are on the same page. By clarifying expectations and minimizing misunderstandings at the outset, we ensure that you move efficiently and successfully through the retained recruiting process.

Contingency Search

BraveView can help you drive business success utilizing our contingency recruiting model. Sometimes it makes sense to only pay when the process is complete and your new hire is on board. Contingency recruiting is particularly appropriate for companies looking to fill mid-level to upper management positions on a non-confidential basis.  The Contingency search engagement structure provides our clients the benefit of our years of experience and access to our rich network of candidates.  The engagement structure for a contingency search requires no up-front fee thus allowing our clients to see candidate resumes before incurring any cost.  


Project Recruiting

In today’s world, the only constant is change, yet not every business has the capacity to quickly scale up recruiting for special growth initiatives. When you need to hire talent quickly to launch a new product, expand into a new market, or accommodate organizational growth, BraveView extends your reach to deliver qualified talent within your timeline.

Each project is executed against rigorous project management practices and mutually agreed upon metrics to optimize performance and maximize your ROI.  

As your recruiting partner, we are committed to your success. We will design a high-value solution based on your requirements, with the goal of securing the right talent to accommodate your business growth.