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Areas of Specialty

The best talent comes from a highly specialized recruiting firm focused on developing relationships within your industry.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting & Finance

Accounting and Finance success requires the blend of technical proficiency and business acumen. Our recruiters find the talent who deliver both.  When it comes to the management of money and assets, large corporations, small businesses and individuals alike understand the importance of trust and compliance. BraveView has deep and proven expertise in serving as a trusted and consultative partner for our numerous clients for their accounting and finance needs. Our commitment to hiring the best candidates in the marketplace is supported by our unique understanding of these roles.  

We recruit for the following positions:

accounting finance careers.jpg
  • Accountant

  • Accounting Manager

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Bookkeeper

  • Cash Manager

  • Commercial Collector

  • Controller

  • Cost Accountant

  • Credit Analyst

  • Financial Analyst

  • Internal Auditor

  • Medical Biller

  • Payroll Specialist

  • Senior Accountant

  • Tax Accountant

  • Treasury Analyst

  • Treasury Manager


As demonstrated experts in construction recruitment, we place the experienced leaders who drive financial and operational results.  The construction industry seems to be increasingly faced with pervasive issues of talent shortage. Combining robust market knowledge with strategic and customized sourcing strategies is critical to identifying and engaging with top candidates in this field. BraveView's knowledge of this industry, and it's inherent challenges allows us to deliver exemplary results for our clients across both niche and high volume positions. Our comprehensive and customized end-to-end recruitment solutions are designed to thoughtfully and proactively account for the talent acquisition challenges being experienced in this industry today.  

We recruit for the following positions:

  • Architect

  • Assistant Project Manager

  • Building Inspector

  • Building Services Director

  • Chief Construction Officer

  • Contract Manager

  • Construction Assistant

  • Construction Coordinator

  • Construction Manager

  • Construction Worker

  • Construction Supervisor

  • Contract Administrator

  • Estimator

  • Electrician

  • Field Engineer

  • Project Assistant​

  • Project Manager

  • Purchasing Coordinator

  • Quantity Surveyor

  • Safety Director

  • Senior Manager – Construction

  • Site Manager

  • Superintendent​



Our executive search firm expertly places highly-skilled, talented engineering professionals in great companies across North America. Braveview specializes in supporting your engineering and manufacturing recruitment, giving you access to a large database of candidates and unique professional networks.


Our highly experienced engineering recruitment specialists are genuine experts in their field, offering you an unrivaled understanding of the market. 

We recruit for the following positions:

  • Applications Engineer

  • Automation Engineer

  • Chemical Engineer

  • Civil Engineering Technologist

  • Civil Engineer

  • ​Construction Engineer

  • Electrical Designer

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Electrical Field Engineer

  • Environmental Engineer

  • Estimator

  • Geological Engineer

  • ​Geotechnical Engineer

  • Hydraulic Engineer

  • Industrial Engineer

  • Manufacturing Engineer

  • Materials/Metallurgical Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Municipal Engineer

  • Nuclear Engineer

  • Piping Engineer

  • Process Engineer

  • Project Engineer

  • Project Manager, Civil Engineering

  • Quality Control Engineer

  • Research Engineer

  • Road System Engineer

  • Software Engineer

  • Structural Engineer

  • Supervisor/Manager, Civil Engineering

  • Transportation Engineer

  • Water Management Engineer

  • Welding Engineer

Electrical Inspectors

Landscape Management

BraveView has successfully represented many landscape companies across the United States in an effort to identify talent that will improve our clients management team to include Operations, Sales, Account Management, and Accounting.  BraveView's active recruiting process has allowed us to build a robust database of candidates in the green industry, many of whom were not considering making a change but are open to learning about new growth opportunities and challenges.  By having our level of reach into the industry, we can market our clients position to a highly targeted audience allowing us to find industry professional who can solve our clients needs.  Our ability to consistently deliver qualified candidates with a guarantee that we honor, has kept clients returning for our services.  Having serviced companies in the Green Industry ranging between $3 million and $180 million in revenue, Braveview's professionals understand the roles and responsibilities and are able to target candidates who will ultimately fit our client's culture. 

We recruit for the following positions:

  • Account Executive

  • Account Manager

  • Administration & Accounting Specialist

  • Arborist Climber

  • Architect

  • Branch Manager

  • Business Developer

  • CFO​

  • Client Relations Manager

  • Corp Controller

  • Crew Leader

  • Designer

  • Enhancement Manager

  • Estimator

  • Hardscape Manager

  • Installation Foreman

  • Installation Manager

  • Irrigation Technician

  • Irrigation Manager

  • Maintenance Foreman

  • Nursery Grower manager

  • Operations Manager

  • Pest Management Director

  • Production Manager

  • Project Manager​

  • Regional Manager

  • Sales

  • Sales Facilitator

  • Spray Technician

  • VP of Operations

Landscape Management


With transportation and logistics talent shortages reaching crisis proportions, BraveView offers proven transport recruitment solutions to address the challenges of high turnover, leadership innovation, risk definition and management, and a rapidly retiring workforce. We focus on addressing your critical talent needs with strategic recruitment process, executive search, and talent advisory.

At BraveView, we help clients meet critical talent needs by seeking out strong leaders with the skills and experience needed to solve problems and lead organizations forward. We leverage both our knowledge of the transportation and logistics industry and our recruiting experience to develop a reliable talent pipeline and strengthen both internal and external hiring processes.  

We recruit for the following positions:

logistics careers.jpg
  • Distribution Center Manager

  • Distribution Director

  • Distribution Manager

  • Equipment Director

  • Estimating Manager

  • Estimator

  • Inventory Control Analyst

  • Inventory Control Clerk

  • Inventory Control Manager

  • Inventory Control Supervisor

  • Import/Export Clerk

  • Import/Export Manager

  • Import/Export Supervisor

  • Logistics Analyst

  • Logistics Coordinator

  • Logistics Manager

  • Logistics Specialist

  • Operations Manager

  • Operations Security

  • Shipping and Receiving Clerk

  • Shipping and Receiving Supervisor

  • Top Distribution Executive

  • Top Inventory Control Executive

  • Traffic Clerk

  • Traffic Director

  • Traffic Manager

  • Traffic/Rate Analyst

  • Traffic Supervisor

  • Transportation Analyst

  • Transportation Attendant

  • Transportation Broker

  • Transportation Director

  • Transportation Inspector

  • Transportation Manager

  • Transportation Planner

  • Transportation Supervisor

  • Travel Coordinator

  • Travel Manager

Property Management

Whether you’re looking for your new CEO or a high performing general manager, Braveview can help.  Our experienced property management recruitment team deliver interim, contract and permanent recruitment solutions. Working with global property companies, landlords, universities, developers, build to rent providers and property management consultancies. We provide top organizations around the world with flexible solutions for all their leadership needs. We take the time to discuss your company's strategic, financial, and operational goals, so we can fully understand what you’re looking for. By using that understanding, we’re able to find the right people for you, exactly when you need them.  

We recruit for the following positions:

Property Management
  • Assistant Property Manager 

  • Assistant Real Estate Manager

  • Associate Broker

  • Building Manager 

  • Commercial Property

  • Director Of Property Management

  • Leasing Agent

  • Leasing Consultant

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent

  • Property Accounting Manager

  • Property Analyst

  • Property Assistant 

  • Property Development Manager

  • Property Director

  • Property Executive 

  • Property Maintenance Manager

  • Property Management Assistant

  • Property Management Specialist

  • Property Manager

  • Property Officer

  • Property Portfolio Manager

  • Property Sales Executive

  • Property Specialist

  • Property Supervisor

  • Real Estate Asset Manager

  • Real Estate Assistant

  • Real Estate Associate

  • Real Estate Coordinator

  • Real Estate Managers

  • Real Estate Property Manager

  • Real Estate Representative

  • Real Estate Sales Agent

  • Real Estate Sales Associate

  • Real Estate Specialist

  • Resident Manager

  • Resident Property Manager

  • Residential Property Manager

  • Residential Real Estate Agent

king and queen 2.jpg


The growth of your company depends on the quality of your sales talent today. But finding that talent isn’t easy. Sales roles rank as the third most difficult positions to fill according to Manpower, and that’s in an economy where we’re experiencing the highest talent shortage we’ve seen in a decade.

Why are sales professionals so difficult to find? Effective sales require a unique blend of industry knowledge, strategic insight, and relationship development. As the face of your company, your sales team empowers your brand to attract new customers and positions you to build market share. They are the driving force behind engagement with prospects and positive customer experiences. And because they are in such high demand, the techniques other sales recruiters use to fill other positions won’t work to attract the best and brightest sales talent.  Hiring superior sales talent is both an art and a science. Successfully identifying, engaging, and recruiting dynamic sales professionals who will give your company a competitive edge requires skill, industry expertise, and just the right touch of intuition. 

We recruit for the following positions:

  • Account Executive

  • Business Development Representative

  • Channel Partner Sales Executive

  • Corporate Sales Account Executive

  • Director of Inside Sales

  • Director of National Sales

  • Director of Sales

  • Enterprise Resources Planning Representative

  • Executive Vice President of Sales

  • Financial Sales Assistant

  • Financial Advisor

  • Financial Planner

  • Fixed Income Specialist

  • Group and Events Sales Coordinator

  • Industry Representative

  • Investments Representative

  • Key Account Manager

  • Major Accounts Manager

  • ​National Accounts Sales Analyst

  • National Accounts Sales General Manager

  • Regional Sales Account Manager

  • Regional Sales Executive

  • Sales Account Executive, Small and Medium Business

  • Sales Coordinator

  • Sales Director

  • Sales Operation Coordinator

  • Sales Representative - Territory Lead

  • Strategic Account Manager

  • Territory Business Manager

  • Wealth Management Advisor

sales careers.jpg
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